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you can get used ECM from ebay or junk yard and need car programmer who can do reprogramming to used ECM (from junkyard or ebay or whatever).
Good body shop, especially shop fix or repair totaled car, can do that. Are you familiar with J2534?? If not, you should not do it by yourself.
Usually, reprogramming costs around $100. Used ECM probably costs around $100-$200.
Possibly you need key programming also because some of the ECM stores key data in ECM.
If you decide this route, you have to really really make sure parts number of newly gained ECM is exactly same as your current ECM.
If you don't have confident, you should go to reputable body shop who can do reprogramming.
Bad part of nissan is that nissan software and device is very expensive so not many body shop does not have those setup.
If you gonna go this path, find body shop or car programmer can handle this stuff. Then, buy used ECM.

Or another choice is that some of the company offers repair the ECM and send it back to you. Bad side costs more, but you don't need deal with reprogramming step.
This path might not need key programming possibly. Key programming is probably $100 if you ask mobile key programmer.
I don't know the detail about the service. Just google "ECM repair".

Nissan dealer does not offer these stuffs. Nissan can program new ECM only.

good luck! If you need any question, let me know!

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