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Visit to the Maritimes

I am contemplating a visit for a couple weeks to the Maritimes this summer. Nothing firm yet, looking at options. Its a long ways to drivve, so there are many places I could visit that are closer, but since I have never been there it seems interesting, and one of the few places my wife has interst. I was hoping for some advice from the locals or others who have been there.

-- Time to visit? I was thinking June before your school year is done - avoid the crowds. But it seems to maybe its still a little cold for a southerner? I don't mind cold. Cold and rainy isn't too fun though.

-- Must see things? I was thinking Bay of Fundy, some portion of PEI, and maybe Cape Breton Highlands? Advice?

-- What about mosquito, or other critters. I don't mind a few, but if I need to hide behind a screen or dip myself in deet constantly, it sort of defeats the point.

-- Thinking about half the time in nature, half the time in a city somewhere. Which city is most historic / fun. Looking for sightseeing and wondering - don't care about shopping. St. John, Halifax, Charlottetown. Other?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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