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So the front suspension hasn't sagged. It will drop 1/4" depending on the slope of where it's parked. After talking with Greg at PRG about everything he steered me towards the SPC UCA's since I don't want to lower the front or rear any. The coil bucket contact has been ridiculous and makes driving a pretty rough experience since the front wheels can't drop more than an inch.

Just got the SPC's in the mail today so they are going in tonight! I picked up a 32mm socket at Lowe's this morning and some Valvoline Moly-Fortified Multi-Purpose Grease. Part# VV633 from Napa along with grease gun.

My final front suspension setup will be this:

Bilstein 5100 set to 1" lift
Moog coil springs
KYB top plate and coil bushing
2" lift spacer
SPC Upper Control Arms

Final ride height is 37"

Tomorrow I'm putting in a Hellwig LP-15 (I think, I'm not sure if it will fit but I'm going to try so we'll have another option besides the 550's) which I think will lift the rear maybe a 3/4" so I'll get a little bit of rake back. Next job won't be as much fun! Valve Cover Gaskets...
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