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I assembled new front coilovers and bought the Bilstein 5125's for a 3" lift to put on the rear. Set the fronts to 1" lift but somehow ended up with a 2", combined with the 2" lift spacer on top the front was at 37" fender height. I put in polyurethane low profile bump stops on the UCA's and another regular bump stop on the LCA. The ride is great now, I removed the rear sway bar too and the ride is much more planted without it.

It's settled some in the last week down to 36.5" and I'd be happy if it dropped another 1/2."

I had to build the lower mount bushings myself and it's pretty easy to do. The old ones press out really easily, I pressed in the new polyurethane ones that have a .75" eye. I ended up with red bushings since that's all that was available on Prime. Would have preferred black but you can't really see them anyway so I'll live.

I ordered a 12 inch section of tube from onlinemetals which has a location here in Ga just outside Atlanta. I signed up for an account and didn't do the order for a few days and I got an email from them for free shipping so I ordered in the afternoon and it was delivered by UPS the next day. After that I measured the pipe to a 1.65" length and wrapped a tie wrap around it to mark the cut point and sawed two of those off. I cleaned up the edges and applied some silicon based grease and pressed them into the bushings and they fit the stockc bolts/mounts perfectly.

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